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Provisional figures from our National Climate Information Centre have shown that this October has been a fairly unremarkable month in terms of weather for the UK.

Temperature, rainfall and sunshine have all been fairly close to the average and there’s certainly nothing record breaking about the general figures.

With a mean temperature for the UK of 8.2 °C for the month, it’s on the colder side of average and the coldest October since 2003 – which was the same temperature.

To find a colder month, you have to go back to 1993, which had a mean temperature of 7.3 °C.

In the records dating back to 1910, this October is ranked joint 18th alongside 2003, 1955 and 1931. Just for the record, the coldest on record was set in 1917, with a much colder 6.6 °C.

For rainfall, the 128.0 mm of rain that fell across the UK during…

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Reading the transcript of the last few moments was almost heartbreaking as much as it was a privilege. I got the sense that the pilots, to a man (like many operators of complex systems) seem to have put too much faith into that system and I personally suspect in this case alpha floor protection. As is often the case when operating complex systems, it seems to have come down to [very basic] training. Lets hope their actions and the terrible price they paid remains forever in the training vade mecum, if it isn’t there already.

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When it’s OK to swear

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Hi In a recent study which I Tweeted yesterday (, it was shown that swearing can actually reduce pain. Maybe the same can apply to other situations… Well, wouldn’t you? This is a test, really. Enjoy anyway. More soon.

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Hello world!

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